Sweet Peek Testimonials

“This place was super nice and it was a pretty awesome experience. Kelly was extremely helpful and explained everything to us. She was also great in keeping it a secret since we didn’t want to know the gender quite yet.

— Reen Pennepacker

“Such a nice place, and having 2 previous sonograms at a different place, that they couldn’t tell me the sex of my baby, but here Kelly was determined to help me find out! I will definitely recommend Sweet Peek to everyone! Thank you so much!

— Melissa Hartman

“My husband and I went two times, once for a heartbeat package and once for gender determination. Both times we had great experiences! They offer a very clean and welcoming environment and are so friendly. We asked Kelly not to tell us the gender and she was great about shutting the TV off when she was looking and she wrote it down in a card for us to find out later. I would definitely recommend going to Sweet Peek!

— Allison Raney

“Absolutely loved my experience here, beautiful environment felt homey definitely will recommend to everyone I know can’t wait to go back later in my pregnancy

— Kelsey Kretzer

“What a beautiful place! We can’t wait to go back!

— Paige Hottendorf

“I went there for a gender determination and Kelly was amazing she did everything to get my lil one to cooperate and she has a very welcoming atmosphere… She did amazing getting pics of my lil girl… Thank you so much!!

— Ashley Anders

“This place was absolutely amazing. My husband and I both can’t say enough great things about our visit. We are telling everyone we know who is expecting to check this place out. I swore in was having a boy but Colby reassured me that I was definitely wrong and checked several times to confirm. We are expecting our baby girl in march ! I am obsessed with the stuffed animal we got and we have watched the DVD several times.

— Kimberly Hall

“At first when I walked in it was very welcoming and warming. Cookies were amazing an Ms. Kelly was absolutely wonderful. I couldnt have asked for a better day. It was just simply amazing. I definitely had a great experience and walked away with a huge smile an happy tears. It was an experience I’ll always remember. And I would absolutely recommend to others.Thank you so much for being so sweet and kind an sharing with me a experience ill remember for a life time. I cant wait to meet my beautiful babygirl.

— Crystal Hockenberry

“Went in for a 3D/4d ultrasound at 27 weeks and had the pleasure of working with Colby, baby girl didn’t want to cooperate but Colby did everything she could to make sure we had amazing pictures!! Can’t wait to go back at 33 weeks!! Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone!

— Beth Towers

“We had a great experience! We were able to take our two daughters and let them see their new sisters. It is really a wonderful, comfortable environment

— Erin Meyers

“Had such a warming experience for my gender reveal! Kelly was amazing and I cannot wait until I go back further in my pregnancy ! Got to confirm gender right away and got some really good pics too!

— Kirstyn Bowman

“Thank you so much for the great experience. I been here twice and they’re the best in Baltimore.

— Cierra Nicole

“Thank you Kelly for your great service! We are so excited about our baby girl! Sweet Peek has a wonderful atmosphere and it was a great experience.

— Dena Sword

“They are the best! The service is exceptional and prices are reasonable. She was very patient and nice with my family, we had a very special moment. Thank you!

— Martha Ramirez-Morales

“Went for the Tuesday gender special and had an awesome experience. We could clearly see that our baby was a boy! I loved how cute, clean and inviting the waiting area is.

— Kayla Holland

“Absolutely amazing! Kelly was so sweet and made sure we got the best experience! She really focused on getting good pictures of our babies face. Which I was super thankful for. She also re-recorded the heartbeat a few times before it was a good one! She really cares to make it a good experience for you. The room was huge and, I didn’t expect the screen to be SO big! It was definitely more than I even imagined!

— Erin Klemkowski

“Very caring and patient loved the environment and soft music.

— Monica Baylor

“I can’t thank Sweet Peek and Colby enough for today ❤️ she worked above and beyond to find out the gender for our baby who was being so so stubborn and uncooperative! I am beyond thankful for this experience and would absolutely recommend Sweet Peek ANYDAY! Stoked for a baby boy!

— Kristen Baker

“These ladies are amazing! I did the Wed special and my little girl did not want to show her beautiful face. So the ladies at Sweet Peek allowed me to come back 3 times to make sure we got some pictures. They are so patient and kind and truly want you to walk away with a smile. Today I walked away with happy tears and the smile has yet to leave my face! The facility itself is absolutely beautiful and very comfortable for the mommy to be and other guest.They also give you discounts towards maturity pictures and the babies first pictures. I will definitely be telling anyone who will listen about them and returning if I do have another baby. Thank you again, we really appreciate all that you did for us.

— Sabrina Hemlock

“Visited twice with my fiance for the gender session at 15 weeks and most recently the 3d/4d picture session at 31 weeks! Beautiful and clean boutique, very friendly tech/owner and the pictures came out perfectly! Would recommend to anyone in the Baltimore area.

— Raven Temple

“We did our gender ultrasound and 31 week 3d. We had an amazing experience at both appointments! It’s a very personal experience as there is only one ultrasound room. The place is easy to find and very cute inside. I highly recommend sweet peek to everyone!

— Megan Cunningham

“My husband and I went to Sweet Peek to find out gender and Colby was amazing! Our baby was being very stubborn and Colby went above and beyond to get the gender. I highly recommend and will for sure be going back for 3D pics. Hoping baby warms up to pictures by then.

— Megan Shindle

“Wonderful charming studio! We went in for a gender determination and our little one was not cooperating, Colby was so patient and worked with us until she was able to confirm our baby’s gender! We can’t thank you enough for all of your patience!

— Brittany Long

“My husband and I LOVE Sweet Peek! I had a ultrasound done at 12 weeks through my hospital for genetics testing where they also told me I was “probably” having a boy. I called sweet peek right away and made an appointment when I was 16 weeks and Colby confirmed that I was having a sweet little boy!! The place felt like home and so comfortable I went back at 22 weeks just to check up on my little guy.. And again at 31 weeks for some 3D images and heartbeat bear! I will forever cherish these photos and bear and I have Sweet peek to thank!! Next pregnancy I will definitely be returning! I’m also excited to get Maternity pictures done by April Green Photography, they are a awesome team!

— Michelle Stryjewski

“Kelly was an absolute joy to work with and she was able to get some amazing shots of my baby girl. I will recommend her to anyone in the future.

— Kahlila Kamara

“We went today for our gender sono and Colby was great!! Our little guy was being a bit stubborn and Colby was more than patient to double and triple check that it was indeed a boy before we left. The studio and space was warm and inviting- highly recommend!!

— Sheila White

“We just loved Sweet Peek. A must if you are a mommy-to-be. Our baby boy Presley was sonogram shy the first time we were there so they had us come back for another session. So many great 3D pictures and memories we have now. I recommend Sweet Peek to everyone. Cute little boutique right in Canton.

— Jessica R.

“We just loved Sweet Peek. A must if you are a mommy-to-be. Our baby boy Presley was sonogram shy the first time we were there so they had us come back for another session. So many great 3D pictures and memories we have now. I recommend Sweet Peek to everyone. Cute little boutique right in Canton.

— Allison R.

“Today I had a gender reveal with Kelly, couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you so much! We look forward to coming back for 4d when I’m further along!!!!

— Lacie Whiteley

“This was an amazing experience from the time I walked in until I left. Very clean & friendly. Thanks so much.

— Amanda Culp

“Had a wonderful experience! We had the pleasure of meeting Colby 6 weeks ago for our first 3D/4D ultrasound. Going in tomorrow for another and I am so excited! The studio is very beautiful and made me feel extremely comfortable. Definitely recommending to all of my friends/family who are expecting.

— Stefany Sanz

“Last Week we had our ultrasound for our gender reveal. Colby did our ultrasound and she was awesome. We had such a great experience and got to see our sweet angel bouncing around. Can’t wait to go back when we are further along. Definitely recommend using Sweet Peek Sonography.

— Kim Romano

“This place is just excellent! I had a wonderful experience with Kelly, while I was getting a gender reveal ultrasound. After the process, I noticed that I was missing a picture and a little bit of time that I had paid for so I let them know that.
Immediately, they responded to me and let me know how deeply sorry they were (sincerely). They told me that they were going to be sending me a few more pictures and a cd of all the pictures she had taken during the ultrasound. I got it a couple days later with a very sweet note. Happy to say, I am very impressed by their knowledge and customer service. They definitely went over the top to make sure that I was 100% satisfied and I definitely am! Thank you Kelly and the rest of the crew. You made me feel very special! I appreciate that!

— Alyssa Schertz

“Thank you, Colby for going above and beyond to get our gender reading with a stubborn baby the day of our reveal party! Our experience at Sweet Peek was great!

— Erin Helmacy

“I can’t say enough about this place and Colby! She is such a sweetheart and helped me get my little girl moving enough to find out she was in fact a “she” then came out and joined in on my gender reveal! I’ll be seeing you Ladies soon! Thank you again for everything!!!

— Katie Lynn

“Charming studio and very welcoming. Colby did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend!

— Christina Gross

“It was a pleasure to have Kelly tell me that I am Having a boy!!! It was a great experience and the kids loved it. Was definitely worth the price.. Thank you!

— Heather Perez

“I would like to take a brief moment to talk about amazing experience with Colby. Colby as so welcoming and friendly and did such a wonderful job with my photos! I have been telling everyone I know who is expecting to go see Colby! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience!

— Danielle B.

“Absolutely amazing experience! Very welcoming and friendly environment! Would recommend to everyone!

— Georgi Blevins-Mooney

“Kelly is amazing! And the place itself is beautiful!! I highly recommend this place for any expecting mommies out there!

— Megan Cornejo

“I absolutely loved my experience at Sweet Peek! I was having a horrible day until I got to see my baby girl’s precious face! I went last month and have cherished that experience every day since! Thank you so much for taking your time and ensuring I got to see my little baby girl!

— Jacky Burd

“Kelly was awesome, made me and my family feel like we were at home. She went above and beyond to make sure all of my needs were filled. I highly recommend Sweet Peek sonography. Very clean, great location, and very friendly!!!!

— Brooke Whatley

“I HIGHLY recommend this place. After suffering from 2 miscarriages this was a perfect reassurance for my fiancé and I. You can share it with your family unlike the doctors office. It was a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is almost beautiful. I can’t wait to go back!

— Brittany Vacovsky

“Had an appointment with Kelly today… she was AMAZING!! The whole office is beautiful. I would definitely go back here in a heartbeat.

— Anna Sautter

“I’d just like to quickly mention how lovely our experience was at Sweet Peek Sonography. We were scheduled for the Mother’s Day Special (specifically for the gender determination) last Saturday. Unfortunately, our baby was just NOT cooperating… refusing to show its bottom for gender determination or it’s face for a nice picture. They were willing to fit us in right away for a re-do but, because of my husband’s schedule, we had to wait a full week to go back. We returned today and we had such a great experience and I am so happy with how everything turned out.

— Kerri Gerthoffer

“Colby was very nice and had a lot of patience. I couldn’t have went anywhere better.

— Cr Keezy

“We had a wonderful experience today at Sweet Peek! Colby was patient and determined to see the gender of our baby who was being a little modest initially. We have 3 boys, so finding out we were finally having a baby girl was so exciting!! She made the entire experience very pleasant. The studio and room are gorgeous and calming. I highly recommend Sweet Peek! Thank you again Colby!

— Brandi Toskes

“Extremely happy!! Very friendly and professional!! It was a refreshing atmosphere from the coldness of a doctor’s office!! The cuteness of the kid helped! Lol!

— Steve Wolff

“Warm, inviting, comfortable atmosphere. I arrived at my appointment a little late but the sonographer was kind and understanding. Was very patient and determined to get the best photos that my very stubborn baby would allow. I would definitely love to come back before my little one arrives in September.

— Keke Small

“We went in for a gender sonogram with Colby only to find out our little one was uncooperative. We were able to go back for a second appointment 2 days later, free of charge. Colby was so patient with trying to make sure our baby was a boy and not just cord in the way. She took her time to get us great pictures. Cutest little shop too! Would highly recommend to anyone!

— Michele Rubio

“Today I had the pleasure of meeting Colby. She was absolutely amazing through out my sonogram. With a very stubborn baby and a cord between the legs she took the time to get us the best pictures possible and give us a gender. I love that she took the time to give us an accurate scan and didn’t just guess when it became difficult due to the cord. Already scheduled my third trimester sonogram. Wish I would have known about them sooner 🙂 I would highly recommend and it’s an added bonus that they honor our vets and first responders by offering a discount. Thanks for a great experience.

— Erica Covahey

“I just wanted to say thank you for the session today. Your place is amazing. You have the most professional and courteous staff. It was a great time and wonderful pictures. Thank you!
– Shawn Gibson

“Thank you Kelly for giving us the beautiful experience of seeing our baby boy! This appointment is great for couples to bond with their baby while still in the womb. As a first time mommy-to-be it really strengthened even deeper the connection to my little guy!
Kelly gave us LOTS of pictures and views of our baby’s face- we even caught him smirking and making other various faces. We can’t wait to welcome him in June, but in the meantime these pictures and memories are fantastic!

— Dana Lappen

“I had such a great experience here! Colby couldn’t have been nicer and took all the time she needed to get some good shots (my baby wasn’t the most cooperative and was turned the opposite way!) I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

— Kori Lynn Dolan

“My husband and I went to Sweet Peek because I couldn’t wait any longer to find out the sex of my twins. One was being uncooperative and they really took the time to wait until he was positioned well enough to give me a firm answer. It was comfortable, relaxing, and a great experience overall!

— Anna Keays

“I just wanna give special shout out to Kelly, she is absolutely amazing! She remembered me from my first appointment I had there, back in December and even remembered that I was naming my daughter after some special people. She’s truly an amazing person an talks to you the whole time while doing your package. Kelly, I just wanna say thank you for being so genuine and kind, as well as still doing my appointment after being 15 minutes late. I really appreciate it and all the wonderful pictures you got of my daughter, Barbara. The picture of her sticking her tongue out is everyone’s absolute favorite! I would recommend anyone and everyone to go to Kelly for their special pictures!

— Kayla Henderson

“Loved it! This was our first time going to an actual sonogram place (not medical), so we didn’t know what to expect. It was wonderful. It was so cute and inviting and calm, and just comfortable. Me and my husband went this past weekend to find out the gender of our baby. Our little one did not want to cooperate, but Kelly did not give up (thank you)! We finally got some very clear shots of our baby boy! We left very happy and satisfied. We plan on going back when baby boy grows some. Thank you so much Sweet Peek and Kelly.

— Amy McCoy

“I had my first Sweet Peek visit on my birthday. I just wanted to see my very first child at about 16 weeks. I came back and his gender was determined right away. Now I’m coming up on my last couple weeks of pregnancy. I had went at 28 weeks & bawled my eyes out from seeing the so very detailed 3D/4D sonogram. Sweet Peek welcomed me and my family with open arms and we’re very polite and heart warming. Now at 31 weeks, I will be going back for most likely the last time. I would like to thank Sweet Peek for making this such an experience of a lifetime and I recommend all my friends and family to attend to no one but you guys! Once again, thank you so much!

— Emily Marshall

“They are absolutely amazing. They are very welcoming and very friendly. Definitely going back for my 3D/4D ultrasound.

— Shelby Hild

“Today I went in for my 16 week sonogram to get the gender determination done. The office was absolutely amazing & was very relaxing and makes you feel at home. Kelly did a wonderful job getting the pictures with the little one. He/She was very active and moving a lot but she did her best to get the sex of the baby. (We won’t find out until Sunday what we are having).

— Sara Walker

“Best experience ever! I went for gender and she was so sweet and caring. It is very clean and sanitized at Sweet Peek, and beautifully decorated. Baby didn’t want to cooperate at all! But she didn’t give up on us until she knew the gender! She kept trying and trying! I loved it! I will definitely be returning and I recommend them to everyone ! Thank you Sweet Peek for making my experience an amazing one !

— Brittnie Price

“I loved my experience here, from the ease of scheduling, stepping through the front door of the gorgeous studio and being greeted by a friendly welcoming staff member/owner. We took our 5 year old daughter along and the studio was very accommodating and interactive with her! My baby wasn’t incredibly cooperative and extra time and consideration was taken to help us achieve the face shots we were looking for. I would highly recommend anyone looking for the 3D ultrasound experience to check out this sweet shop!

— Sarah Funk

“Went to Sweet Peek Sonography for my ultrasound to find out what we were having, it was me and my family all together in one room, very professional ultra sound tech, looked over the baby and found out we were having a boy! Great experience with the people that work there. Going to come back to have my 32 week 3d/4d ultrasound to really see the baby! I would highly recommended this place to any of my friends or any woman expecting a baby!

— Kimmi Jo Collier

“Had my first 3d/4d sonogram done today and the experience was wonderful!! The place was comfortable, COZY and welcoming!!! The tech was great… Her personality was WARMING, i would highly recommend anyone to visit Sweet Peek!!! I will definitely be back again THANKS for the GREAT memories and experience!!!!!!!

— Precious Tutt

“We had our gender sonogram at 16 weeks. The girls were so sweet and made it an awesome experience. We got to see our little baby in 3D/4D and it was an awesome experience. We had a gender reveal party and they were so great at showing only my best friend what the sex was and getting an awesome picture of our baby! Gender was confirmed after our reveal and they were 100% correct! It’s a healthy baby boy for us!!!
Thank you guys and we will be back closer to 30 weeks

— Diane Frances

“My husband and I did our gender sonography here, and we couldn’t be more pleased! The office is warm and inviting, while beautifully decorated! The staff is very professional and “sweet”! You can’t beat the prices! We have already referred 2 of our pregnant friends!

— Samantha Tarr

“Our 3d/4d sonogram appointment was a great experience! Kelly was very warm and welcoming and was able to get great shots of our girl. We will be recommending Sweet Peek to family & friends!

— Sarah Bochenick

“Had a great experience with finding out the gender of our baby. Everyone was very nice and professional, great peaceful environment! Would recommend this place to everyone!

— Megan Smith

“My husband and I visited Sweet Peek twice to see our little guy – both times were a wonderful experience. The space is so warm and inviting and both Kelly and Colby were super sweet! We would highly recommend going there to get any 3D/4D pictures.

— Nicki Might

“My husband and I had an amazing experience on Christmas Eve to reveal our baby’s gender. We highly recommend Sweet Peek. We cannot wait to go back for our next 3D/4D sonogram.

— Misty Libercci

“I read their story on Facebook and decided to give them a try. Boy, was I impressed!!! The owner is super friendly and easy to talk to. She made me extremely comfortable, not to mention it is such a cute space! I highly recommend them for all gender services!!!

— Chasity Neil

“I absolutely loved my experience. The place is beautiful, very relaxing environment and the ultrasound tech was amazing. This was by far one of the most memorable moments for me. My whole family joined me in seeing my little girl move around, and hearing her beautiful heartbeat. The tech captured the best pictures and just made this so special for me. I can’t wait to go back so much I set my next appointment immediately! Thanks Sweet Peek!

— Amanda Jones

“My visit on September 9, 2015 was amazing. First off, it was last minute but I was able to book the same day. Second, Kelly was super welcoming, patient, and overall a great help. We had planned to wait until the baby was born to determine the sex but it only made us more anxious. I am so happy I decided to try you guys out. Thanks Kelly and I’m certain your business will be a great success!

— Tyrasha Hubbard

“I just had my 3d sonogram at 32 weeks of my son, I loved it! The 2 women that did the sonogram were very nice & the place was super cute! We were able to get 2 shots of my son smiling also! I definitely recommend them 🙂

— Ashleigh Emkey

“We had the opportunity to have our gender reveal done at Sweet Peek and we were so happy with them! It was such a wonderful experience. They were just as excited as we were to see our little girl. The facility is beautiful and all of the employees were very sweet. We’re so happy we got to share our experience with them!

— Christina Walker

“Thank you for the sweet peeks at our little guy! You are two beautiful and sweet ladies running a charming sonography studio. The atmosphere is relaxed and the sonogram room is comfortable for mom and family. The large visual on the wall is an added bonus so everyone can see the baby. Anyone would feel blessed to have you help them see a peek at their little one! I would definitely recommend Sweet Peek!

— Tara Slesinger

“I just had a 3d ultrasound of my twin boys! I was so excited to be able to see them. One of boys was shy but I did get to see one of their faces. The space is beautiful and on a quiet street. The staff was very nice. I will certainly be back.

— Rebekah Allen

“My experience at Sweet Peak was absolutely amazing! Located in charming canton, parking was easily accessible. The interior was beautifully designed. It was warm and inviting. The room the sonogram was done in had more than an adequate amount of seating and the TV in which I saw my little boy in 3d for the first time was huge! So much better than the tiny screens, I’ve seen in prior sonograms. It made the experience that much more enjoyable. Another perk to visiting the facility is that they offered a few take homes…DVDs, CDs and stuffed animals with recorded heart beat. I purchased the DVD and I LOVE watching it at home! I was comfortable throughout the entire experience. My boyfriend even made a comment about how nice everything was. The staff was professional and very pleasant. I will never forget the day I found out I was having a little boy, and Sweet Peek made that possible. Thank you, Colby.

— Katelyn Gwilliam

“My husband and I went to Sweet Peek Sonography today to find out the gender of our baby. Luckily the baby cooperated and we are able to see that we are having a boy! Aside from the beautifully decorated new facility, the room where my husband and other family members and I got to see the sonogram was very comfortable and inviting! Also, we had awesome bedside manner between Kelly & Colby! We couldn’t be happier with our experience during a special time in our pregnancy! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to come back when I’m further along!

— Amber Agee

“The beautiful girls who did my 3d sonography were so sweeeet! So warm and so lovely! They gave me the best memory of my pregnancy so far. I saw my baby girl in 3d and they were so determined to get the right picture. The spot in Baltimore is so cute as well and cozy! I recommend this place 100%. I will keep recommending Sweet peek to all my friends because it’s honestly the best experience. I heard the heart beat, saw the gender, got beautiful print outs. Totally in love!!

— Angie Moreno

“Great place and has convenient parking! Went for a 19 week appointment and was able to get a gender reveal! Adorable, comfortable environment and the staff were all so sweet. Will definitely be back for a later sonogram! – Rose Hogan

— Rose Hogan

“I went to sweet peek in October for my 16 week gender determination, I was very pleased how well the business atmosphere was, I felt as if I was relaxed in someone’s home! The pictures we seen of the baby then we’re amazing and very clear. I cannot wait to go back in 2 weeks to get my 3D/4D photos done! 🙂 I highly recommend expecting parents to go here!

— Sara Walker