About Us


Sweet Peek Sonography is a family business located in the charming community of Canton.  It is a family owned and operated and has been many years in the making. As sisters-in-law with growing families, we know the value in treating each pregnancy and baby as the miracles they are.  We have both enjoyed the comfort and warmth of the elective ultrasound experience, and decided that we wanted to share that gift with other expectant mothers and their families.

Pregnancy is so incredible and we believes that by allowing you to see your baby in the womb, we are creating a priceless bonding experience for the mother and child, as well as the rest of the family.  Whether you are listening to your baby’s heartbeat, watching your baby move around, anticipating the reveal of his or her gender, or trying to decide whose features your baby has, this experience will be like no other.

From the moment you enter our studio, you will immediately feel calm and at home.  There is plenty of comfortable seating for the entire family, including big brothers and sisters! Allowing Sweet Peek to be involved in such a monumental and intimate time in your lives is truly a privilege and will be treated as such.  We believe in quality customer service and giving families not just great pictures, but great memories as well.  We understand that an elective ultrasound is not a procedure but an experience and we look forward to sharing that experience with you!  

-Kelly and Colby